The stress of modern life can have a negative impact on couples. Despite the best
intentions, it can be difficult to make relationships work. Couple counselling can be
beneficial in working through those stressors.

In the first session, the psychologist meets with both members of the couple. Each
is asked to describe the problematic issues from their own perspective. The
psychologist works with the couple, focusing on strategies and techniques to help
them resolve the relationship difficulties they are experiencing.

  • Learning to live together
  • Defining roles in your relationship
  • Making time for each other
  • Working through the challenges of illness/injury
  • Communication problems
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Rebuilding your relationship

Assisted Human Reproduction Implications Counselling

    We offer services to help individuals and/or couples cope with the challenges presented by infertility. As well, clients seeking to build a family with donor eggs and/or sperm can address their questions and concerns regarding this issue.