What is a Psycho-Educational Assessment?
    A Psycho-Educational Assessment is conducted to determine a person's intellectual and academic strengths and weaknesses to help answer questions about how a person learns. They can be conducted to determine why a person is having difficulty learning, to establish a current level of ability and academic achievement or to identify giftedness. 

    What does a psycho-educational assessment involve?
    A psycho-educational assessment begins with an interview to gather information about medical, school, social and, if applicable, career history. A number of tests are then administered that look at various abilities such as those required to express yourself verbally and those involved in dealing with visual materials. The next part involves an evaluation of reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and listening skills. Depending on the reason for testing, questionnaires may be given to family members or teachers to help gather information about behavior and learning styles.

    The initial interview usually takes 1 hour. The testing can take 4-6 hours depending on the nature of the problem. After the assessment is completed, the psychologist will score the tests and prepare an assessment report based on interview findings and test results. The psychologist will meet with the individual for a feedback session to explain the results of the assessment and discuss recommendations to help address the individual’s learning needs

    How much does a psycho-educational assessment cost?
    Generally most psycho-educational assessments fall into the range of $ 2640 - $ 3590. A breakdown of the cost is as follows:

    Initial Interview  1 hour         
    Assessment  4-6 hours    
    Scoring   4-5 hours
    Interpretation/Report  4-6 hours
    Feedback/Results 1 hour

    Each hour is charged based on our standard assessment rate of $ 190.00 per hour.

    Many private insurance companies will cover a portion of the assessment cost. The Assessment Report will not be released to you until your account has been paid in full. If the assessment is at the request of a third party, written authorization to bill directly is required. If you are a third party payer, please fax or mail your referral and include company contact and billing information, client's name and phone number.